1949 Enactment of the National School Establishment Law. Affiliated libraries were established in each national university.
1954 The 1st National University Librarians Meeting in Yokohama.
1964 Enforcement of “Regulation of National University Librarians Meeting” approved in the previous year.
1965 Commencement of operation of the “Hideo Kishimoto Memorial Fund.”
1968 Reorganization of “National University Librarians Meeting” into “National University Library Council.”
1972 Launch of the “Journal of College and University Libraries.”
1987 The 1st National University Library Council Symposium.
2000 Establishment of “E-Journal Task Force.”
2004 Enforcement of the National University Corporation Act. The “National University Library Council” was reorganized into the “Japan Association of National University Libraries (JANUL).”
2005 Reorganization of “Hideo Kishimoto Memorial Fund” into “JANUL Memorial Fund.”
2009 Announcement of “JANUL Statement on Open Access—Pursuing New Scholarly Communication.”
2016 Adoption of “JANUL Vision 2020.”
2017 Establishment of the logo mark of JANUL.
2021 Adoption of “JANUL Vision 2025.”