Purpose and Activities

Japan Association of National University Libraries (JANUL) is a membership organization comprising libraries of national universities in Japan, the Open University of Japan , library facilities of five inter-university research institutes, totaling 92 libraries and library facilities. JANUL aims at supporting the advancement of library function through close coordination and cooperation among the members, promoting inter-library use of scholarly information resources extensively, and contributing development of infrastructures for scholarly information distribution in order to help universities achieve their missions.

JANUL carries out various operations, such as research and investigation that are necessary to advance function of national university library, cooperative maintenance of scholarly information resources, promotion of inter-library use, activities to enhance ability of national university libraries' staffs, and coordination and cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations for scholarly information distribution.


  • General Assembly (92 univ.)
  • Board of directors (16 univ.)
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Auditors (2 univ.)
  • Secretariat
  • Committee
    • General Affairs
    • Open Access
    • Scholarly Information Resources
    • Scholarly Information System
    • Library Environmental Sophistication
  • Regional Association
    • Hokkaido (7 univ.)
    • Tohoku (7 univ.)
    • Kanto-Koshin'etsu (15 univ.)
    • Tokyo (15 univ.)
    • Tokai-Hokuriku (12 univ.)
    • Kinki (15 univ.)
    • Chugoku-Shikoku (10 univ.)
    • Kyushu (11 univ.)